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Beginning with the Best

Our hair extensions are produced using silicone and chemical free genuine Remy and Virgin hair. Our Virgin Remy “Noir” is in the most natural state, free of any coloring. In both our Remy and Virgin hair every cuticle is perfectly aligned to prevent any friction that could cause tangling and damage. Our hair is ethnically sourced Indian hair from a single donor with consistent density from cuticle to end. You can be assured that our extensions will preform as they should throughout coloring, toning, highlighting and heat styling. Tribeca Luxe extensions are free from harsh chemicals and sealers, ensuring the longevity and luster of the hair.


Innovative Hair Extension Technology

Tribeca Luxe hair extension

Our exclusive tape extension technology makes re-tapping easy, efficient and damage free. Our tapes utilize bonded keratin medical grade adhesive, so you can trust that they will not only withstand any type of styling you put them through, but also gentle on your hair. After 6 to 8 weeks, simply use our replacement tapes to refresh your installation.

With the use of state of the art equipment specifically designed for wefted hair. Our weft extensions are flexible, soft, itch free and virtually shed free.  Tribeca Luxe Hair Extensions are the standard for pristine quality and longevity.


Colors for Every Trend

Created for the client but with the stylist in mind, the range of tones available were chosen because of their versatility. We picked colors that were on trend but also those that would be able to be easily colored or toned. To produce these rich tones our extensions have been colored with a PigmentPlus+ Ammonia Free coloring process. Since our hair extensions are pre-colored we recommend using Demi-permanent colors to evenly deposit your desired color. Our virgin Remy hair, “noir” can be easily highlighted due to the fact it is not pre-colored.


Quality Matters

platnium hair extension

Tribeca Luxe hair extensions come in a variety of lengths from 18” to 22”. Our hair is double-drawn, meaning our fullness is seen through to the ends of the hair. Unlike many beauty supply retailers who advertise “remy hair,” their human hair is often either stripped of the cuticles or mixed with synthetic or animal hair to save money. These combinations can lead to matted and dry hair a month to two months after purchasing. Our high quality Remy and Virgin hair will last 6 months up to a year with proper maintenance and care, making Tribeca Luxe a more budget friendly choice with out sacrificing luxury.


Enhance Your Waves

Most clients struggle with not having enough wave in their hair or inconsistent texture but once you add Tribeca Luxe wavy hair extensions you can have it all. Our natural and body wave hair will enhance your natural textured locks while also providing you with exceptional fullness and bounce. A unique feature of our wavy extensions is that the longer you wear our extensions, the more they mimic your natural wave. Heat styling? Not a problem, enjoy long lasting styles when you decide to heat style your hair,  

Curly texture tape extensions launching soon!